Cacfp Limited Disclosure Agreement

CACFP Limited Disclosure Agreement: What it is and Why it Matters

The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is a federal program that provides funding to assist child care centers, after-school programs, and other organizations in providing healthy meals and snacks to children in their care. As part of the CACFP application process, these organizations must sign a Limited Disclosure Agreement (LDA) to ensure the confidentiality of their program participation.

What is the CACFP Limited Disclosure Agreement?

The CACFP LDA is a legal document that requires participating organizations to agree not to disclose information about their participation in the CACFP program to any outside parties without written permission from the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS). The agreement also requires organizations to allow the FNS to audit their program records to ensure compliance with CACFP regulations and guidelines.

Why is the CACFP Limited Disclosure Agreement Important?

The CACFP LDA is an important tool for protecting the privacy of participants in the program. By ensuring that organizations do not disclose information about their participation, the LDA helps to protect the children and families who rely on CACFP for healthy meals and snacks.

In addition, the LDA serves as a way for the FNS to monitor program compliance. By requiring organizations to allow audits of their records, the FNS is able to ensure that CACFP funds are being used appropriately and that program goals are being met.

What Information is Protected by the CACFP Limited Disclosure Agreement?

The information protected by the CACFP LDA includes all information related to a participating organization’s application, participation, and claims for reimbursement under the program. This includes information about the organization’s operation, such as its budget and staffing, as well as information about the children and families who participate in the program.

What Happens if a Participating Organization Violates the CACFP Limited Disclosure Agreement?

If a participating organization violates the CACFP LDA by disclosing information without permission or failing to allow an audit, it may face penalties such as the suspension of program participation or the recovery of improperly claimed funds. In addition, the organization may be required to take corrective action to address any violations and ensure compliance with the program’s regulations and guidelines.


The CACFP Limited Disclosure Agreement is a crucial component of the CACFP program. By protecting the confidentiality of participating organizations and allowing for program monitoring and compliance, the LDA helps to ensure the success of the program in providing healthy meals and snacks to children in need. As a professional, it’s important to understand the relevance and importance of legal documents such as this agreement to support program outcomes and the well-being of program participants.

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